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Blessed Generations Academy

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Our Core Values

Love and Compassion: Emphasizing the Christian commandment to love one another, this value promotes kindness, empathy, and compassion towards all children, staff, and families involved in the organization.

Integrity and Honesty: Upholding moral and ethical standards in all interactions and decisions, fostering a trustworthy and reliable environment for children and their families.

Respect and Dignity: Treating every child and family with respect and dignity, recognizing the inherent worth of every individual as created in the image of God.

Unity and Multiculturalism: Embracing children and families from different backgrounds and cultures, fostering an atmosphere of openness and understanding

Safety and Security: Prioritizing the physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of all children, creating a secure and nurturing environment for growth and learning.

Personal Development and Education: Focusing on holistic development, including spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional growth, ensuring each child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Faith and Spiritual Growth: Incorporating Christian values and teachings into the program, while respecting the diverse religious backgrounds of all families.

Joy and Positivity: Fostering an atmosphere of joy, positivity, and encouragement, helping children to develop a positive outlook on life.

"Our mission is to provide a loving, nurturing, and safe environment for children to grow and learn, guided by Christian values, grounded in Chritian principles based on the Word of God. We are dedicated to fostering each child's spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional development, while instilling a sense of joy, compassion, and community. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that respects and celebrates the diversity of all families. Our commitment is to nurture not only the minds but also the hearts of children, guiding them to become kind, responsible, and confident individuals who understand their value and potential in God's eyes." 

Our Mission Statement

As a Christian Education Academy, Blessed Generations Academy (BGA) openly espouses a unifying philosophical framework to which all faculty and staff are committed without reservation. The Academy identifies with and is committed to historic orthodox Christianity as expressed by the official Statement of Faith.

Statement of Faith
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Kids listening to their teacher

Our Teachers

At our Blessed Generations Academy centers, we are proud to have all licensed Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers who are not only highly qualified but also deeply passionate about nurturing young minds. With a rich background in early childhood development and a heart full of compassion, our teacher brings a unique blend of professional expertise and Christian values to the classroom. They are adept at creating a warm, engaging, and inclusive learning environment, where each child is encouraged to explore, learn, and grow both academically and spiritually. Their dedication to fostering a love for learning and guiding children in their early steps of faith truly sets them apart. With a gentle approach and a deep understanding of individual learning styles, our ECE teacher ensures that every child feels valued, understood, and loved, embodying the Christian principles of love and kindness in every interaction.

Licensed Early Learning Childhood Educators

Meet Our Founders

Blessed generations academy founder: Mr. Victor Shalom Nguyen
Mr Victor Shalom Nguyen

Co-Founder and Chief Planning/Marketing Officer

Mr Victor, our Co-Founder and Chief Planning/Marketing Officer at Blessed Generations Academy, brings a wealth of expertise and a diverse skill set to our team. With a strong background in construction and project management, he plays a pivotal role in overseeing the Academy's building and expansion projects. His meticulous attention to detail and remarkable multitasking abilities ensure that our facilities are not only safe and well-maintained but also foster an environment conducive to learning. Victor's commitment to excellence, underpinned by Christian principles and values, is evident in every aspect of our Academy's physical development and growth, making him an invaluable asset to the Blessed Generations family.

Blessed generations academy founder: Ms Tina Truong
     Ms Tina Truong

Executive Assistant

Ms Tina, our Executive Assistant at Blessed Generations Academy, combines her role with academic pursuits with her Bachelor of Arts specializing in Nonprofit Administration and an MBA at Trinity Western University. At the Academy, she is the cornerstone of our administration dedicating herself to the seamless and efficient functioning of our day-to-day operations. Tina's focus is unwaveringly on delivering exceptional service to our families, consistently aiming to surpass expectations. Her commitment is deeply rooted in Christian principles and values, which she gracefully integrates into every aspect of her work, making her an integral part of our community.

Blessed Generations

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